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Household 2 Ton / 3 Ton Heat Pump Package Unit HVAC Air Conditioning

Household 2 Ton / 3 Ton Heat Pump Package Unit HVAC Air Conditioning

  • Household 2 Ton / 3 Ton Heat Pump Package Unit HVAC Air Conditioning
  • Household 2 Ton / 3 Ton Heat Pump Package Unit HVAC Air Conditioning
Household 2 Ton / 3 Ton Heat Pump Package Unit HVAC Air Conditioning
Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:
Place of Origin: China
Hàng hiệu: EuroKlimat
Chứng nhận: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CRAA, CQC
Model Number: EKRV-B
Thanh toán:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Giá bán: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Pallet
Delivery Time: 4weeks after received your payment
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 2000pcs per month
Tiếp xúc
Chi tiết sản phẩm
Product Name: EKRV-B Series Friendly Refrigerant Inverter Multi-connected Household Central Air-conditioning Cooling Capacity(kW): 10.0kW-18.0kW
Heating Capacity(kW): 12kW-20.0kW Refrigerant Type: R410A
Range of Sound Level dB(A): 54-57
Điểm nổi bật:

vrf technology air conditioner


air conditioner hvac systems


EKRV-B Series Inverter Multi-connected Household Central Air-conditioning




Model   EKRV035BR1 EKRV040BR1 EKRV050BR1 EKRV060BR1 EKRV070BR1
Power supply   220V~/50Hz 380V/3N~/50HZ
Rated cooling capacity kW 10 12 14 16 18
Rated heating capacity kW 12 14 16 18 20
Rated cooling input power kW 2.63 3.2 3.88 4.54 5.21
Rated heating input power kW 2.85 3.29 3.92 4.65 5.29
Rated cooling input current A 12 14.5 17.6 20.6 9.9
Rated heating input current A 13 15 17.8 21.1 10
External dimensions (W×D×H) mm 900×350×1030 900×350×1030 900×350×1160 900×350×1290 900×350×1420
Weight of the unit Kg 105 105 120 135 150
Operating noise dB(A) 54 54 55 56 57
Piping Liquid pipe mm(in) Ф9.52
Air pipe mm(in) Ф15.88 Ф19.05
Pipe connection mode   Evase connected to the threaded joint
Refrigerant   R410A
Maximum number of connected indoor units Set 7 8 10 11 13





Super High Air Supply Temperature in Low Temperature Environment
Scroll compressor enjoys a wider working temperature range than rotor compressor. Enhanced vapor injection can break through the limit of exhaust pressure and exhaust temperature in low temperature environment, to substantially increase the unit's heating capacity and the air supply temperature indoors.
When the ambient temperature is -25ºC, the maximum air supply temperature of EK inverter multi-connected indoor units can reach 41ºC.


Technology of Heating in Low Temperature Environment
With enhanced compressor frequency and the EVI function, the attenuation of heating capacity for EKRV-B series inverter multi-connected units under -15ºC ambient temperature is almost 0, which perfectly resolve the heating issue in cold areas in winters.


Lower Noise from Scroll Compressor
All series units adopt scroll DC inverter compressor. Compared with the common rotor inverter compressor, it features a more stable operating, less vibration, lower noise, and higher energy efficiency and longer life span.


Integrated Intelligent Temperature Control Technology
Quality temperature sensor can precisely detect the air supply temperature, air return temperature and indoor temperature. The indoor unit's control chip can intelligently sensor the change in temperature, and then automatically adjust the actual cooling capacity or heating capacity of the indoor unit to keep constant indoor temperature with a tiny variation of ±0.5ºC.


Broad Working Temperature Range
Advanced cooling system enables reliable running of EKRV-B series units. A cozy indoor environment is guaranteed, no matter in a summer when the outdoor temperature is 48ºC or in a winter when it is -30ºC.
Range of cooling operating temperature: 5~48ºC
Range of heating operating temperature: -30~29ºC


Exquisite Design, Pipe Connection From Three Sides
The clever design of unit enabled the refrigerant pipe to be directed out from the front side, rear side, or bottom of the unit. This is space-saving and facilitates the on-site construction.


Long Pipe and Large Elevation Difference

Item 3.5HP/4HP/5HP 6HP/7HP
Maximum equivalent pipe length (m) 50 70
Maximum elevation difference between
outdoor unit and indoor unit (m)
20 30
Maximum elevation difference between
indoor units (m)
15 15
Length from the first branch pipe to the
farthest indoor unit (m)
25 30
Note: All pipe lengths here are equivalent lengths.    


Remote Monitor (Optional)
Remote intelligent control over smart phone/laptop
Intelligent software in cell phone can be used to implement remote monitor and control over air-conditioning units. Comprehensive and dynamic monitor of the running status of indoor and outdoor units make the life easier.
Centralized monitor through computer
Centralized monitor software for EK multi-connected units can perform centralized control of a maximum of 32 outdoor units.


Non-polar Communication
Advanced non-polar communication processing is adopted by connecting outdoor and indoor units with non-polar communication cables. This can prevent communication failure caused by incorrect cabling over communication ports during on-site construction.



hotels,entertainment centers, hospitals, restaurants, office buildings, cinemas,

factories, school supermarkets and so on.

Competitive Advantage:

EKRV unit using R410A refrigerant meets the energy saving and environmental protection.

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Guangdong EuroKlimat Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Co., Ltd

Người liên hệ: Mr. LENG Zhengliang

Tel: +86 13828797702

Fax: 86-0769-83622528

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